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I love to create one of a kind jewelry that is unique, different, and of course, beautiful. I work with several techniques and materials. I do wire wrapping, metal working, and beadweaving. Much of my work is for sale at my Etsy shop and my Zibbet shop (see link at the bottom of this profile.) You can also contact me directly. I have much more than is displayed in either shop. You can contact me through e-mail. I accept payment through PayPal. I'll also be happy to work with you on custom orders. Just tell me what you want and I'll try to accommodate. And thanks for looking! *Please note that these are my original designs and are copyrighted. Please do not copy my designs. Thank you for your artisic integrity and consideration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Freeform bracelet-in-progress

I keep saying I'm going to keep up this blog, then I get busy on projects and stuff and it gets by me.

Anyway, here I am. I'm posting this mainly for some of my Etsy friends who are venturing into freeform for the first time.
Here's the start of my newest freeform creation. The safety pin is where one end of the clasp will go -- I keep it there so I can keep the bracelet oriented the way I want it.
As you can see, I've already used beads in several different sizes, styles, shapes and I've incorporated one of the 3 focal pieces that will be in the final product.
I started, as usual, by picking my focals, then choosing a generalized color scheme to go with them. Next, I beaded around the focals -- in this case, this piece of dichoric glass, a pretty green agate, and a piece of pale green sea-glass. There's one other small dichroic, which I haven't beaded yet -- and may or may not be incorporated. Depends how things go.
I do not have any pattern, but this is not totally random. Once I have the focals beaded -- each one with different beads, but in coordinating colors, I rummage through my bead stash and just toss the ones I think will 'go' onto my already crowded work space.


:-) MaryLou said...

This one already has a crazy-quilt look to it.

I never thought I'd like freeform, but once I tried it I found it to be really fun. I still have to keep all my beads in separate little piles though.

ClaireCreations said...

Thanks for looking Marylou. I cleaned up all my jumbled up piles last night, but there all there on my table again. Started out in neat little piles, ended up another jumble.
Almost done with the bracelet.

cigarboxbeads said...

thanks for this, Claire--I'm still working on telling myself I can do freeform! Yours is gorgeous, and the safety pin is a great idea--thanks!

marilyn g

Julie said...

I haven't been brave enough to try a free form piece yet. One of these days I will - just don't have the time right now.

It's really nice to see this as a work in progress though - and I enjoyed reading about it! Thanks for sharing your process....