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I love to create one of a kind jewelry that is unique, different, and of course, beautiful. I work with several techniques and materials. I do wire wrapping, metal working, and beadweaving. Much of my work is for sale at my Etsy shop and my Zibbet shop (see link at the bottom of this profile.) You can also contact me directly. I have much more than is displayed in either shop. You can contact me through e-mail. I accept payment through PayPal. I'll also be happy to work with you on custom orders. Just tell me what you want and I'll try to accommodate. And thanks for looking! *Please note that these are my original designs and are copyrighted. Please do not copy my designs. Thank you for your artisic integrity and consideration. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Range of prices on Etsy

Here's another comparison. The bracelet shown is mine, listed for $55.oo

There are 3,561 copper cuff bracelets listed today on Etsy.

Prices on these range from a high of $600. to $22.50

So how does a customer judge the value?
What do you think?


Leslie Todd said...

That's a good question, Claire. How does a customer judge the value? I'm getting ready to list some foldformed and etched cuffs that I made. The cost of materials is low, but the labor is extensive. I researched on etsy and found varying prices. I'm going to price mine somewhere in the middle, I think, based on the amount of work I put into them.

I think I need to make clear in my description just how much labor is involved. I guess we need to all educate the buyers.

jagfan said...

This is a beautiful bracelet! Pricing for me is the hardest part of what we do. You know what you have invested in this beautiful piece of art. You are the artist, and it is your creation. You really can't compare it to others. Price it according to your investment both materials, overhead and your time. What you feel you need to charge then charge that! Remember also you can lower the price for a sale but raising it is hard.
You do beautiful works of art don't undercut yourself.

ClaireCreations said...

I price my pieces by what I think they are worth. I take many things into consideration, but do not follow a precise formula. Of course, I figure the cost of materials, the time it takes to make the piece, other factors of overhead which are unseen, but there, such as tools and supplies I have to keep up to date, education and learning to constantly upgrade my skills. I also take into account not only the actual time I put into any one piece, but also coming up with the concept, design, originality and artistry. Then I make a judgment call as to what the finished piece is worth.

After all, we as artists, are not simply buying materials, then putting them together. We are creating art. We have vision and talents many other people do not have -- and that is what buyers value,